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 Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Change in Skipton, Yorkshire

with The Power of Your Mind



Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to take control and gives you the future you desire and deserve. When you decide that it is the time to address your issue, goal or problem Amy at The Power of Your Mind can help you. Issues that can be helped, using hypnotherapy, can be of an emotional, mental, physical or psychological nature.

Amy specialises in issues relating to anxiety. You may want to feel calmer, be more relaxed or take control over thoughts, behaviours or feelings.

Sessions are held in a relaxing, calm and comfortable space in Skipton. During the first session Amy takes time to listen to you, understand you, your past and what you want to achieve. The hypnosis you receive is always tailor-made for you based on what she understands about you.




Hypnotherapy can help:

So, if you want a future where you are in charge of an issue that dominates you or you would like to succeed at your goals then contact Amy to find out how she can help you today. The power to change lies within us all and with the use of hypnosis you can access this power and make the changes you want. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of goals and issues. How can The Power of Your Mind help you?

It may be helpful to know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, it comes from yourself. We all enter light trance states naturally each day, for example when day dreaming or as we fall asleep. Permission from you is required to allow yourself to enter the hypnotic state; you cannot be hypnotised without this consent; and in the hypnotic state great achievements can be made.

With the help of The Power of Your Mind hypnotherapy in Skipton, you can achieve your goals. Contact Amy, she looks forward to hearing from you and helping your transformation for a positive future.

“Amy has such a wonderful, calm and gentle nature that she puts you at ease straight away. I have never responded particularly well to hypnosis but with Amy I went out like a light first time! She is very clever at opening up discussion and she asked questions that made me really consider the root cause of my behaviour. A top service from start to finish. She is professional, motivating, gentle and flexible.” Z.D.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Change with The Power of Your Mind

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