Can self hypnosis prevent a cold sore?

I suffer from cold sores… hideous things that they are. I remember hearing a couple of months ago about someone who stopped a cold sore from appearing using self hypnosis. As a hypnotherapist I know the power it has so I had already decided that the next time I got that cold sore tingle, you’ll know what I mean if you suffer from them, I would go down this route before using any over the counter creams. So, that tingling sensation appeared in the corner of my mouth, on my lip, and a few hours later while sat on a train I did a short 15 minute self hypnosis.

Research into psychoneuroimmunology has proven that we can use our minds to affect our immune systems positively. The impact on our immunity, using our minds in this way can be huge. In the same way as many people believe ‘you are what you eat’, what we think impacts our bodies, you are what you think.

Anyway, I began the self hypnosis by floating round and round a funnel shaped water slide until I eventually dropped gently out the bottom to float along a beautiful, tranquil stream. Once I had deepened my  state of self hypnosis; my eyes were glued shut, my feet adhered to the floor of the train carriage and my hands so heavy, motionless yet feeling they were in mid air, I focused on my immune system.

Spontaneously I came up with a visualisation. I saw hundreds of apricot sized gold spheres with fiery trails travelling in rows, up my body, to the area of tingling. When they got there, in clusters, a numbing sensation came across my cheek and the whole area. Strangely the balls then developed viscous teeth, no other features just teeth, and they munched their way at my developing cold sore before disappearing back into my body. Set after set of these balls continued the same activity while the numbness increased. It may sound like a scary visualisation but it wasn’t. The fiery golden spheres were on my side, destroying the unwanted and nasty cold sore that was trying to make it’s present felt.

The following day I repeated the relaxation with a similar induction to start the hypnotic process though this time the immune fighting spheres were minute, like tiny, weeny solid gold beads of caviar. They shimmered and fizzed, no teeth today, working away on the area, which since yesterday had had moments of numbness and one moment of cold sore tingling. My lip still looked normal. I was a bit unsure as to what I had achieved if anything, I wondered whether the cold sore would still appear. Throughout the next 24 hours, in my normal waking state, I occasionally visualised the spheres travelling to, cleansing and working on the area.

Now I’m nine days on and that cold sore never came, no more tingling, no pharmaceutical medication of any type, just me using my mind to affect my body. That was it. I was done. Fabulous!… and if I get that tingle again I now know exactly what I will do.