Today I Had a Filling While Hypnotised

Today my family and I joined a new dentist. One of my teeth had a small surface hole with, according to my dentist, ‘some unsupported surrounding enamel’ which meant there was a bigger hole below and I needed a filling. I don’t mind the dentist like some people. In fact, I used to prefer it to the hairdresser, it was that clean teeth feeling when you leave. I was asked what I usually did when I had a filling for pain relief. The last time I had oIMG_2217ne was over 15 years ago so I assumed I’d had an injection.

I asked to use self hypnosis.

I left the room while the rest of my family were checked. I sat in the waiting area and put myself into ‘the zone’ with my breathing. Within a couple of minutes my left hand was flipping back and forth; it does this when I’m hypnotised, one of various hypnotic phenomena that can occur.

I used a visualisation drawn from my subconscious to deepen my trance; travelling on a ski lift over a stunning powder snow covered mountain with fresh spring blue skies overhead. It was gorgeous. I then gave myself suggestions to numb my cheek, mouth and my hand. The hand was so I could transfer more numbness if I needed to.

I was called back in, I deepened the trance further, breathed even more slowly, explained the twitchy hand to the dentist and let her do her job. I could feel her fiddling about in there and, of course, I could here that drilling which I used to my benefit. I enjoyed my 10 minute floaty experience on the mountain (which was in fact 20 minutes).  But did I feel any pain? The answer is no, maybe a teeny bit depending on what pain is to you. Mostly nothing but there were a couple of moments when the feeling was similar to eating ice cream on a sensitive tooth.

The dentist told me that it was a much bigger job which was a surprise, to both me and her, and I had expected her to say the opposite. It was over before I knew it and was just fine.

Using hypnosis was far better than having a numb mouth for the rest of the morning and I would definitely do it again. Apart from one thing; my self hypnosis sessions are now going to include suggestions for more thorough dental hygiene so when I see my dentist again in September I’ll be leaving with a big smile on my face rather than a big filling in my tooth.

Amy Brown, The Power of Your Mind, Clinical Hypnotherapist in Yorshire