What have you got to lose?

Easter with all those beautiful foil wrapped eggs and chocolate goodies can be a time for over indulgence. Go on, admit it, you sneaked a bit of your children’s Smartie egg when they weren’t looking, I know I did – Shhhh, or perhaps you bought a reduced one afterwards at the supermarket because it was just too good to resist.

Have you had your fill yet? Or maybe over eating doesn’t just happen at Easter.

Maybe you sneakily treat yourself, and if you do, who are you really kidding? Maybe you eat ‘just a little snack’ when you walk past the fridge. Maybe you have a tendancy to lick your plate clean no matter what. Maybe you’re a grazer, eating all the time, struggling to stop once you get started? Maybe stressful times seem a whole lot easier to deal with when your eating your favourite food.

Maybe you are wanting to change your eating habits for good? If you are commited to losing weight and you are prepared to plan, Hypnotherapy makes the possibility of losing weight twice as likely and you can lose twice as much. Even if you don’t believe in hypnotherapy it doesn’t matter, just your commitment needed. Sounds good? Give Amy Brown at www.thepowerofyourmind.co.uk in Skipton a call on 01756 699136 or 07846 376306. Personally tailored hypnotherapy sessions: £60 each for 75-90 minutes.