Something Special?

Would you like something special this Christmas? That’s got to be a yes. So what do you need?

And what would your friends and family really appreciate? Perhaps, you are looking for an alternative Christmas present idea. You want to give something special to your loved ones but maybe you just don’t know what. Well, how about mind pampering. A little bit of me time is always special; some yummy relaxation.

We all love the luxury of some time for ourselves to relax. Life can be so busy these days; worIMG_20151006_084937824k, chores, routine,  commitments and unexpected demands. It can feel like, ‘where am I in all of this?’. So how about giving your loved ones the special treat of some me time. Your treasured loved ones ( or even yourself, of course you need to be treasured too you know ) can enjoy the special treat of an hours hypnotic Ego massage*. Delicious.

The Power of Your Mind gift vouchers can also be tailored for a set of sessions at a discounted rate, enquire for more details. Prices start at £65. So forgot the socks, the beard trimmer, the PJs or the perfume and choose the gift of mind pampering and relax.

Gift vouchers are sold all year. As well as for Christmas, they make the perfect alternative present for birthdays, mother’s day, as a thank you and just because you care.

* An ‘Ego massage’ is like a body massage but for the mind, allowing you to relax and feel worthwhile, lovable, confident, deserving and happy to be you.