Freedom from Facebook

I feel free; one month on I feel a sense of freedom and relief.

I stopped using Facebook on January 1st, even for work. It was a new year’s resolution that I committed to for the month. And I’ll tell you why.

The following reasons:

  • To make space for my family who felt I was on Facebook all the time. I didn’t think that.
  • To prove to my family I didn’t need to be on it all the time. They thought I wouldn’t stop.
  • Too much time on my phone looking at nonsense posts.
  • Feeling the need to report ‘news’ to Facebook friends on an almost daily basis.
  • Checking phone morning and night for something that I might need to know about someone else’s life.
  • Checking for ‘likes’ and comments on a post.
  • The overall lack of fulfillment it was bringing me.
  • An increase in negative and unhelpful thoughts.
  • To make space and time for more meaningful things.
  • Something needed to change. Something didn’t fell right.

I have to be honest, it felt like I had lost my arm at first. It felt very odd. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that newly gained time at first. I wanted more space but what was I meant to do with it? I did take some time to look at what things make me feel good. I added them in and it flowed sort of natually.

  • Daily affirmations on waking ( which I already did before but now for longer)
  • Daily gratitude statements
  • Morning yoga
  • More time with the family
  • Home cooking
  • Sitting and having a cup of tea in peace
  • Talking to those who matter to me
  • Interacting with friends in a more personal way
  • And the best thing, a calmer and more positive state of mind

What I have learnt:

  • Who I actually want to be around and those who I actually want to share my life’s up and downs with.
  • That interactions with some people who really matter to me had reduced to social media. This is not what a friendship is for me.
  • I sleep better sleep quality – I sleep well but that blue light, as I explain to those with sleep disorders, is going to impact melatonin levels.
  • That I can live happily without knowing that a friend has had a cappacino and a blueberry muffin for breakfast, even if it has got a comical face of Donald Trump in the foam. And they, I am sure, don’t need to know that about me either.
  • That I make sure I share anything important enough with those that matter to me anyway, but in a more personal manner. Remember phonecalls? I like phonecalls.
  • That anything important enough is shared with me by those that I matter to anyway.
  • That I can take photos just for me and for my family.
  • That being on Facebook had actually become quite dominating , more than I realised anyway. But clearly my family already knew this.
  • That my family were right!
  • That spending time with friends on social media and interacting via a thumbs-up symbol just doesn’t cut it for me.
  • I am more acceptance.
  • A feeling of freedom- yes, be off with you Facebook.

Finally, I’m not going back – at least for personal use. I will dictate the terms and use it for work. In fact you may even be reading this via social media yourself. I take back control over and it can be so very amazing what happens when you face up to the reality of a situation, can’t it?