Take Control of Your Day

I was a list person a couple of decades ago.

I was never without a to do list. I think it was my then job working magazines but these days I have a different daily routine and lists were tending to only feature for the supermarket food shop.

A few days ago a friend described how she is feeling rudderless at the moment. I can completely sympathise. I feel something similar. Some days are fine and some days are less so. Some are great too – fortunately. At the moment we are all need some sort of structure. I don’t know what you are doing to keep structure in your life having had the so-called doormat pulled from beneath your feet.



I already worked from home before lockdown kicked in so that isn’t new for me but having to readjust my business model is still keeping on my toes. Other elements that kept my week flowing a certain way have now gone and, so like us all, I am learning new ways to have social interaction, exercise and self care.

To help me I have created a type of list using post-it notes. I move them from one side of a plastic sleeved A4 sheet to the other. One half = stuff done and other half = stuff still to do. Then each day I start the list again swapping them back.

I have committed myself to just 5 minutes of each item. This makes it doable for me. Some times I will spend more on something and some days  5 minutes is all I can manage.

I have realised that my best days are those when I do these things on this list. This helps me to feel in control. The list person is back, at least for the time being anyway.