Therapy Online is the New Normal

Out of the blue, across the world, we had to change how we connected with each other.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have been using technology for both personal and business interactions much more than ever before. Some of us forced into it if only because of the length of lockdown and social isolation. Some for our sense of sanity or because work required it. For more online therapy has been a new reality.

For different purposes, as a family, we have used a wide range of online platforms including FaceTime to speak to friends, Zoom for group chats and online quizzes, Skype, What’s App group chats, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams for home schooling and House party (until we found our devices glitching and removed it). Who knew there even was so many arenas to choose from?

The biggest change for me has been getting used to providing online therapy sessions. Yes, this is a thing… hypnotherapy online.

The use of technology has impacted far more than my personal life. I, like many, have had to change how I run my business. I couldn’t continue to be a therapist at this time without online technology. I feel so fortunate compared to some therapeutic fields of work such as massage therapists, acupuncturists or physiotherapists who are clearly unable to carry out their usual work online.

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It is different and it has led to me providing complimentary sessions to key workers over the internet and organising a successful online guided relaxation charity fundraiser session for two charities – Sue Ryder Manorlands and Cancer Support Yorkshire in Skipton.

I have always offered it as an option but rarely has it been requested. I guess face to face therapy is the considered norm. Now our norm has gradually been changing I expect online therapy in UK will continue.

As time has gone on, since lockdown began, I have noticed how clients have become more and more technically competent. I think there is an acceptance over this being the new normal. We are realising it is possible to work, learn, teach, train and play using technology so many are now ready to embrace online therapy options too.

Initially I had several clients who understandably did not want to, or were unable to, have their therapy sessions online. Some choosing to wait till lockdown is over to continue. Some of those since changed their minds and got back in touch. Once we were more used to technology as the current way to connect it perhaps felt more normal to then have online therapy.

Hypnotherapy works surprisingly well online and it can actually be a big advantage.

So how does this work? Does it work well?

I have been very pleased with how it has transposed effectively over the internet. First we have to establish the best online video platform for you. Many have a preferred platform. I tend to offer Zoom or Skype but I have also used FaceTime.

Being in your own space is one advantage of therapy online, you can choose where you sit or lay maybe your favourite armchair or on your bed with a snuggly blanket.  By placing your device somewhere nearby I can then see your face clearly and, ideally, your body to your waist.

I support many people with anxiety related issues which at this time has increased for many, and therefore demand for online hypnotherapy has too.

Of course, there is no need to travel to or from your online therapy session so I am also able to work with anyone in UK. I now have clients in several parts of the country including London. You can sandwich your therapy session between other commitments such as work or home schooling. It also means you can revel in the luxury of the natural halo effect after your hypnosis session ends. This can be a big advantage compared to face-to-face hypnosis.

Some report they have never felt so relaxed especially those with reoccurring thoughts. For many home, or a certain room, already has a safe or comfortable association which supports a speedy hypnotic trance.

What is different?

Sessions run in the same way. As with one-to-one in person sessions, online hypnotherapy sessions give you the space to open up and talk about what is going on for you and what you would like to achieve. It is always important I understand your problems, your goals and your hopes and dreams. By listening to you I can understand how together we can transform your life.

I tailor hypnotic inductions to those that are most effective online – some need to be used in person online but ultimately it is about giving you the changes you want.

Are there disadvantages?

For some issues or problems you may prefer absolute privacy which may not be possible at home. It may be that you have commitments with young children, for example, and having the time may not work for you. I do however offer evening sessions if this is suitable.

Stable wi-fi is best and can therefore be an issue but we always discuss how we handle any dropouts. I use a hard-wired ethernet cable so I tend to find it stable at my end.

I am grateful I can mould my business and continue to help people with anxiety, sleep issues, weight loss, confidence amongst other things. Some may feel they would prefer a face to face session, however what my clients really want is positive change. Change is still possible using online hypnotherapy.

Change is still possible using online hypnotherapy.

We are all becoming used to this new normal and we are realising that we are able to have appointments from home. I know I am becoming more and more used to this way of working. I now wonder what will happen long term for therapy. I expect it will be a mixture of in-person and online therapy.

Get in touch if you would more information on how I can help you with your issues and goals or to arrange an appointment. Online therapy sessions mean that you can benefit from hypnotherapy with The Power of Your Mind from anywhere in the country. Wherever you live in UK we can arrange an appointment for you to begin your transformation journey.

Amy Brown, Clinical Hypnotherapist, The Power of Your Mind, 07846 376306