Tihs Bolg is Witretn Lkie Tihs on Pruopse. 

I wndoer wyh, I haer yuo ask? Tihs is bcaeuse I wnat to srahe smeotnihg itertstnig whit yuo.

It is azanimg taht hmaun barins hvae the alibtiy to be albe to tsanrfrom wrods and mkae snsee of snteacens eevn wehn the ltetres aer in the wonrg oderr.

Brains unscrambling misspelt words
Photo credit: neONBRAND

It bolws me aawy ereyvitme

The sbunicouis mnid is vrey cveler and cna mkae snese of all srtos wehn it is fro oru bnefetis.

Eevn in hpyosnis our mndis are albe to flil in the bkanls to make snese sbuncosuily. We dn’ot eevn hvae to hvae all teh ifnroamtoin wehn diong tanrsofmrtaive wrok. Oru barins cna itnerpert the sggusetonis, taht aer sopekn, to mkae  cnahegs in teh rghit way eevn if we dn’ot hvae all the gpas fliled cnsisouly. Tihs manes we dn’ot hvae to rmemebr waht is bieng siad.

Oru igaimnaotin is pterty fntasaic, in’st it?

If yuo lkie wrdos yuo mya aslo eonjy tihs.

Sahre if yuo lkie tihs ltilte bolg.

Cnoatct me if yuo wulod leki to use your barin fro yuor bneifit to mkae canhges to yuor lfie .