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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Food and eating are a part of all our lives. You will always need to eat to live; it gives us energy to live our lives. With hypnotherapy for weight loss it is especially important to understand you and how food affects you and how it is infiltrated into your lifestyle. As well as a being a fully qualified hypnotherapist, Amy also has a qualification in nutrition to support you, when and if necessary, in making the correct food choices.

Every person is different, has different patterns to their eating, lives a different lifestyles and has different reasons to why they are overweight. Hypnosis to lose weight is effective and enables individuals to lose twice the weight and twice as quickly. However, we want you, as we are sure you do, to keep that weight off. A lifestyle change is often required and with hypnotherapy you can make long term changes.DSCF8983_2_2

As we work together to lose your weight, we also deal with self esteem, self image and learning to love your body again.

With weight loss being a gradual journey of change a long term commitment to the hypnotherapy is necessary. Please go to session information page for details of initial programme length for weight loss.

To book an appointment with The Power of Your Mind for hypnosis to lose weight we ask that you agree to be:

          • fully committed to losing weight; and
          • that you are prepared to make it your number one priority.
          • Be fully prepared to plan meals and exercise ahead.

        You can work out your BMI to see where you are on the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale.

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