For The Power of Your Mind Hypnotherapy Services

Best money I have ever invested. Thanks. J.B. ( See testimonials for full quote.)

The length of the hypnotherapy programme you commit to varies depending on the goals and issues you have. This is discussed during your initial 90 minute session.
    • The initial appointment cost is £85 for 90 minutes, which allows for having a thorough chat about what is going on for you. This session ensures that I understand you, what you want to acheive and that future hypnotherapy is appropriately tailored to you.
    • Subsequent sessions are £65 each for 60 minutes. The number of sessions is dependent on your presenting issue or goal and is discussed during the initial session.
    • Amy offers the opportunity to meet her first for a FREE 30 minute information session. This also gives you the chance to gain more information about how hypnotherapy can help your issue or goal.
    • Pre-session planning is a part of all fees charged. This includes Amy’s time writing and preparing scripts and suggestions, which is essential work to help you reach your goal and give you maximum gain. Time is also spent writing up your notes after each session.
    • Gastic band hypnosis is also offered for those who it is deemed appropriate during a hypnotherapy weight management programme, and is optional.

    • Private HypnoBirthing classes for a pregnant woman and her birth partner. 4 x 2 / 2.5 hour classes. £380.00. Alternatively, individual sessions priced as standard sessions are available.
    • At The Power of Your Mind, Amy is transparent about the number of sessions recommended. This is discussed during session one after your history is discussed. Occasionally it may be suggested to increase the quantity of sessions if further goals or issues arise throughout your hypnotherapy sessions. Ultimately you decide the number of sessions and whether you would like more or less.