For The Power of Your Mind Hypnotherapy Services

Best money I have ever invested. Thanks. J.B. ( See testimonials for full quote.)

Your Initial Session is 60 minutes and just £60.00

This therapy session allows you to meet Amy and understand how she can help you with your personal issues and goals.Time is spent discussing your situation before giving you a chance to experience a hypnotherapy relaxation.

Subsequent Therapy Sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes each.

These are arranged in blocks of three at £195 per block.  Each session lasts 60 – 75 minutes. Some issues can be resolved with a single block of sessions although majority will require 2 blocks, particularly anxiety related issues. Weight loss issues require a commitment of a minimum of 2 blocks.  The overall number of sessions is dependent on your personal issues and goals and is discussed during your initial session. We reassess after a block of three sessions and work on one issue at a time.

Pre-session planning is a part of all fees charged. This includes Amy’s time writing and preparing scripts, hypnotic work and appropriate exercises, which are essential to help you reach your goal and give you maximum gain. Time is also spent writing up your notes after each session. All sessions can be held in-person or online over video call depending on your preference and location.

Weight Management sessions require a minimum commitment of 2 blocks of sessions, split into 2 payments of £195.00.

Gastric band hypnosis is also offered at £120 for a two hour session as a part of block of three sessions. This is an optional extra and for those who it is deemed appropriate, based on you starting to lose some weight and appropriate BMI. You are still required to have six sessions in total. This would mean that block one of three sessions is £250.00 and your next block is £195.00.  

Private HypnoBirthing Courses have different rates. Fees are for the pregnant mother, from 20 weeks, with her birth partner attending for free. £380 for 4 x 2.5 hour classes and includes many handouts, and a pack of The Power of Your Mind Birth Affirmation Cards. If preferred, 75 minute individual sessions can be booked as a single blocks of 3 sessions as above at £195 or a 2 hour session at £100 as a minimum. Refresher courses are also available at £200 for 2 x 2 hour classes