Mind Massage & Confidence

Believe in yourself and love your uniqueness

hypnotherapy for confidence leafYou do deserve to feel good, love yourself and enjoy being you. Yes, you do!

Enjoy a Mind Massage

If you fancy a spot of pampering, a bit of time out then this 1-hour ‘feel great guided relaxation’ is for you. Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to a massage, gym session, spa, nail appointment or haircut, especially at this time of Corina Virus ( Covid-19). Like a body massage it is a chance to relax and unwind, the difference is that it is your mind that is being pummelled with relaxing feel good sensations and hypnotic suggestion. The session is just £45 including a free pre-session, if you would like, to help ensure your technology is working, Please note a ‘Mind Massage’ is unlike other sessions in that it is not therapy.

Yes – You are already enough, more than enough…

Many people I see struggle to accept themselves as they are and focus on their strengths and understand how uniquely special they are – just the way they are. Some people are good at focusing on their positive aspects and other people can barely notice the positives that exist within themselves.

We have different levels of self-belief and confidence in our different roles and identities.

We may feel confident and believe in ourselves in our role as a parent but feel insecure in our work role. Or perhaps we feel confident in small groups of those we know well but in a larger group of new people feel uncomfortable and judged. We may even doubt a certain aspect of ourselves such as our ability to lead a meeting but instead more at ease when we are being led.

Low confidence happens because we create a set of ideas within our subconscious minds about ourselves that lead to negative beliefs. This negativity can come initially from our understanding of interactions and experiences in our lives. When we are developing as a child or a teenager as well as at stressful times of our lives, such as not achieving what we expected or breakdowns in relationships, we can begin to see ourselves from a different and unhelpful perspective.

Symptoms of low confidence or self-esteem:

  • Sensitivity to criticism
  • Withdrawing from social interactions
  • Irritatedor hostile
  • A lot of focus on personalproblems
  • Negative self – talk
  • Feelingsof worthlessness and defeat
  • Need for reassurance
  • Feeling judged
  • Need for adoration
  • Self-doubt
  • Shame
  • Pessimistic
  • Exaggeration
  • Blame
  • Lack of Boundaries
  • Putting Others Down
  • Physical Symptoms including fatigue and insomnia

Hypnotherapy can help you to break negative thought patterns, see yourself from a new perspective and to focus on your strengths. Hypnosis works by altering those unwanted and unhelpful beliefs that are held within your subconscious mind.

Using hypnosis, we can line up our subconscious minds beliefs with how we consciously want to feel. When the subconscious mind begins to see the world from a new perspective we think, feel and behave differently. In your initial 90-minute session with Amy at The Power of Your Mind you will establish your own unique set of goals and intentions.

The words and suggestions you will hear in the relaxing hypnotic trance are always tailored appropriately to you. They are based on the in-depth conversation we have at the beginning of session one. We may do hypnotic analysis or regression work and sessions always include positive suggestion. Often the hypnotherapy is relaxing and energising. Hypnotherapy can change the beliefs within our subconscious minds to be of benefit to us and our lives.

Please get in touch with Amy for more information about hypnotherapy, how it can help to increase your confidence and self-esteem and to book your initial 90 minute session.

At The Power of Your Mind Amy also offers relaxing 60 minute ‘Ego Massage’ sessions.



“Be you, everybody else is already taken.”