Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing

When your mind is relaxed and calm
you allow your body to birth the way nature intended.

hypnotherapy for pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and on discovering the wonderful HypnoBirthing method of having your baby. HypnoBirthing is an amazing method that utilises everything that is already within you.

It works from two main points:

  • by eliminating fear and anxieties and replacing them with calmness and confidence
  • that your birthing body is perfectly designed, just the way, it is to birth naturally

When your mind is relaxed and calm you allow your body to birth the way nature intended. The Power of Your Mind offers private antenatal HypnoBirthing classes. Amy originally trained in The Mongan Method and has since retrained in The KG method and as a hypnotherapist also uses her own elements.

hypnobirthing courses in Skipton, Yorkshire

The Courses

The group or private classes, over 4 sessions teach a combination of relaxing and easy to learn techniques that you practice regularly and then use during labour and birth. Amy tailors the private sessions appropriately to you and your birth partner.

These techniques along with confidence building hypnoses, during each class, give you the skills to have the positive birth experience you deserve. HypnoBirthing is for you if you would like to:

  • eliminate anxieties and fears
  • feel calm, confident and excited about your baby’s birth
  • reduce the chance of intervention, induction and Ceaserean
  • have a comfortable, enjoyable and positive birth experience
  • feel calm and in control no matter what turn your birth takes
  • have your baby enter the world in a calm, gentle way
  • move on from a previous negative birth experience

The Power of Your Mind antenatal HypnoBirthing classes are empowering, enabling a positive birth experience. Begin the process right now by taking a moment to close your eyes and truly appreciate your body’s natural design. Contact Amy with any questions or to book your first class. is The Power of Your Mind‘s HypnoBirthing website.

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
Jane Fraser (Weideman)

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