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What happens during a session?

Your Hypnotherapy Session

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy and why choose it?

Amy uses Clinical Hypnotherapy which means she uses hypnosis to make changes based on what you present with and the information you share at sessions, This means whatever you present in ‘the clinic’. It is not necessarily related to medical issues. All the hypnotherapy and therapy you will have is based on moving forward with your life to where you want to go and what you want to achieve.


Arrive at your booked appointment time and I will welcome you and take you to the relaxing therapy room. (If you arrive early and I don’t answer the door it may be because I am with another client.) The room is a calm, relaxing space with comfortable chairs. I provide drinking water and there is a toilet for your convenience. We will begin the session with guided conversation so Amy can discover what she needs to know two help you in the best way possible. Hypnotherapy is done at the end of the session after explanation and you are fully comfortable.


When you are settled the first 50 – 70 minutes are spent taking a detailed case history. I will ask you many questions about your past and present to find out what makes you who you are. I want to understand you and the things that affect you, your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours. The goal, or goals, for the hypnotherapy focus will be agreed. The hypnotherapy is always tailored to your individual requirements; there is no one size fits all or set programmes.


I often discuss some practical techniques for dealing with the presenting issue. Hypnosis will be discussed and carefully explained. Finally there will be  20 – 40 minutes of hypnosis with appropriate suggestions for you based on your goals. I sometimes record the hypnosis, wth your agreement, and then email it to you for you to listen to going forward. A date for the next session, if appropriate, will be agreed and then emailed to you.  There is usually hypnosis at every session though on occasion it may be of benefit to you to have a purely talking therapy, without formal hypnosis, for the session. All therapy is confidential except for a few circumstances where I must share information see FAQs).

After the session

I often provide interesting exercises or tasks for you to complete between sessions. It is important to spend the time doing it as it is an important part of acheiving your goals. The clients that have the most dramatic change are those that commit in all ways to the therapy.

See Terms and conditions for further information.

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. Lewis Hamilton

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Change with The Power of Your Mind

Amy Brown Clinical Hypnotherapist