What clients say about Amy and her hypnotherapy

“Following a recommendation from a close friend, I engaged Amy in guiding me through a hypnotherapy programme to help me better manage my tinnitus. Having never had hypnotherapy before, I was unsure of what to expect. Amy was fantastic in guiding me through the sessions and her ‘counselling’ has gone far beyond my expectations, helping me to better compartmentalise my tinnitus but also exploring other areas of my life which might have heightened my symptoms. I would thoroughly recommend Amy – I am always left impressed in how she is able to ask the right questions and gently probe into a range of life’s challenges. Amy is incredibly gifted in what she does.” K.W.

“I know I don’t word it well when I tell you it’s “all a bit weird” but the sessions have been the weirdest yet most effective therapy I’ve ever done . Its felt hard but amazing and life changing…. So a big Thank you 🙂 and thank you for being on this journey with me. You have helped me so much. X” A.B.

“Thank you for all your help.
The anxiety was in command of my life. Now  I have the control back and can start to live my live rather than just get through the day. I used to call it ‘my anxiety’ I almost did to start this- but it’s not mine anymore.
Thank you again.” S.F.


Just back from my mothers. Stuck in a traffic jam. No heebie jeebies. Went to football last night. No heebie jeebies there.
Well done missus.” M.C.
“I started my sessions with Amy last year, when things were falling out of place in my life. The external conditions combined with the internal critic in me was really making my life challenging  and unbearable. I wanted to take help but didn’t know where to go. This was when I found Amy. She listened to me patiently and made me realise that it is the strong beliefs that I have around certain things, that are contributing to the very problems in my life. She helped me to look at things in a different and healthy perspective and her therapy sessions were empowering. She taught me that it is ok, if things are not the way it should be.
I was initially very speculative whether I was taking the right decision and unsure if this method of therapy would work for me. But it all turned out to be the best decision of my life.
Thank you Amy.” S.S.

“Amy is perceptive, patient and warm. I was initially hesitant about hypnotherapy, but since working with Amy, I have found it very powerful and effective. Through complimenting hypnotherapy with CBT and talking therapy, she creates holistic and personal sessions, which work with both the conscious and the unconscious mind. 

I reached out to Amy because I was having problems with sleeping. However, after we started to work together, it became clear that the issues were much more far-reaching, stemming from feelings of pressure and perfectionism. With her kind and caring manner, Amy helped me to sleep better, as well as relieving some of this pressure. Through timeline work, Amy helped me join the dots between the seeds of pressure planted in my childhood, and the unrelenting standards I hold myself to today. Through parts work, she helped me feel compassion for my inner critic, allowing me to start relating to that part of myself with understanding and kindness, rather than frustration. 

I look forward to working with Amy again and would highly recommend her for any problems you are having.” R.P.

“Hypnotherapy sessions with Amy have been an uplifting experience and have helped me with anxiety and low confidence. I was struggling to move forward in life and had become stuck. Amy is caring and non-judgemental and I felt able to confide in her and work through my worries. I now feel happier and lighter having tackled my negative self-talk that was dragging me down. I’d recommend Amy for anxiety and self esteem issues, her sessions made all the difference to help me feel better about myself, thank you Amy.” N.W. (Taken from Google reviews)

“It is no understatement to say that working with Amy has been life changing for me. She has given me the tools and perspective I needed to take back control of my life. I feel energised, confident and relaxed.

Amy has worked with me in relation to a number of areas all with successful outcomes. She is highly talented, empathetic (though challenging where necessary) and totally professional. Best money I have ever invested. Thanks.” J.B.

“I had been overweight for years and had restarted various slimming clubs over and over, never meeting with lasting success. After a friend told me of how she had overcome public speaking nerves with Hypnotherapy I considered it for myself. It turns out to have been a life changing decision as seven months down the line I am already 2 and a half stone lighter. My confidence is vastly improved and I have made changes in my life that I never thought would have materialized. I was nominated as ‘Woman of The Year’ at my slimming club… me!

So, thanks to Amy, my Hypnotherapist, and her layering of positivity during my treatments I am a new person, a better version of me.” N.H.

“Amy helped me conquer my huge anxiety of feeling unworthy and incapable. With her help I was able to gain confidence for my driving test (which I almost certainly would have cancelled otherwise) and pass it first time! Amy is calm and patient, and because of this I never felt uncomfortable or uneasy during the sessions. Thankyou Amy!!!” E.S.

“I sought help for confidence and anxiety issues from increased responsibility at work and certain private life situations.

Before I started the sessions, I had impending presentations to give at a global company conference. Based on my personal view of my performance on previous presentations, I was not looking forward to them and felt myself get anxious and nervous just at the thought of them. In the past I’d feel my voice tremor, beads of sweat appear on my forehead and generally doubt my own ability.

Now I am confident in my approach, my ability, presentation skills and everything in my life.The presentations I had to do went great and I even got positive feedback and asked to attend and speak at more conferences.
My work life and private life have improved so much. I feel great. Thank you Amy.” M.L.

“Amy Brown saved my life. Sounds melodramatic I know but to me it is the truth. When my husband died cruelly from cancer my life was devastated and I had no wish to carry on living it. I went to Amy desolate, depressed and without hope or purpose. Through her empathy, professionalism and expert hypnotherapy skills she has enabled me to accept my loss and treasure the relationship I had and still have with my husband. She has led me into an understanding of how to positively approach my new situation and has taught me how to govern any negative feelings and reactions, thus giving me back control of my life. I will be forever incredibly grateful to Amy Brown.” J.S.

“I definitely recommend Amy – i was skeptical but hypnotherapy has been the best thing I’ve done for my mental health. It has helped me immensely with my insomnia, as well as anger and self esteem issues and lack of focus. I went from being extremely sleep deprived (sleeping just 2 or 3 nights a week) to sleeping normally every night and having a normal life again! I always enjoy and look forward to my sessions, i had several breakthroughs and broke many bad habits, and i feel listened to without judgment. The hypnotherapy in itself is amazing, the most magical relaxing experience, wish I could do it all the time! I still had to put in a lot of work to make changes but the sessions made everything 100x clearer and easier.” S.T. (Taken from Google reviews.)

“From being a very young girl, I have suffered with anxiety and OCD. In some cases my OCD has been quite extreme and has resulted in poor mental health and has affected and controlled my life for a long time. It wasn’t until I was around 18 that I realised how much it controlled me, and my family helped me seek help to control it. I tried everything. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, University counselling, different anti-depressants and private counselling. These things helped on the surface but didn’t help me understand my anxiety’s and didn’t help me get rid of them. 2 years ago, I realised that even with all of this intervention my OCD was back and in full force and affecting my life considerably.

After thinking I had tried everything, someone asked me if I had tried hypnotherapy. I had never realised that this could be used to help OCD and I was told about Amy by my mum who had been researching. After an initial meeting with Amy and she explained how she could help me, I was excited for the possibilities ahead straight away. After my first session I knew this was going to work and I left feeling so calm, so positive and the hypnotherapy started to work instantly. I had around 20 OCDs just in my car and on the drive home, I managed to not do any of them and I felt amazing. 6 sessions later, I understood my emotions, had a new outlook on myself and my anxiety and knew how to control them and had the power in my mind to eliminate them. They do occasionally creep back, but thanks to Amy I can now control them and get rid of them very quickly and get back in control of my own life. The therapy itself was so soothing, relaxing and I looked forward to every session. Hypnotherapy with Amy was life changing for me and I thank her greatly for basically giving me a new life.

I have returned to Amy since for a different type of hypnotherapy. I was ecstatic to find out I was pregnant last summer and myself and my partner went for a session of hypnobirthing with Amy a few weeks before my due date. My beautiful baby girl, Maya, was born happily and healthily in a very calm, quick and mindful labour. It was the best day of my life and the exercises, breathing and different techniques Amy taught us worked wonders and we used the prompts and exercises from early labour right through to the birth of our daughter. Being an anxious person I was worried about how I would cope in labour and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and felt so calm and relaxed. Again I can’t thank Amy enough for this.

Hypnotherapy with Amy has changed my life, its allowed me to live the life I want to live.

Thank you” E.W.

“I had started to feel increasingly negative about work and would catch myself making cynical remarks or pouring cold water on others’ ideas. I was also becoming more anxious about life in general with the effect of life and it’s opportunities seeming to shrink. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep properly, worrying about all sorts of random things. I had considered hypnosis before but was not really convinced that it could work for something like negativity.

I had 3 sessions but by the end of the first one I felt amazing. It is hard to describe but it is like I was viewing the world through a pane of glass that was covered in dust and fog although I could not see the dust and fog. Hypnosis has cleared the glass completely, as if it is no longer there, the world is still exactly the same but it is clearer, brighter, more inviting. Another description is that I feel lighter, much more relaxed, very positive but in a calm, determined, resourceful way. It is as if I was living under a dark, wet blanket and now that has been removed I can see the world and all it’s possibilities in beautiful colour and light. I am the same person but am much calmer, positive, relaxed and optimistic. The anxiety has gone and I hardly ever say anything negative and do not often think negatively either.” K.F.

“I have had hypnotherapy with Amy on several occasions. Initially for help with public speaking at a large event I was hosting. The hypnotherapy really helped and I came back to see Amy for help with my fear of flying. Most recently I have seen Amy with my son. He had developed a fear of bridges, that had got gradually worse over several years. Amy was amazing. She talked through his fears and gently asked questions until we found the start of the fear. During the hypnotherapy Amy used positive areas of my sons life to encourage him to let go of his fear and enforce his confidence. After one session he went to a bridge and stood on it with his dad and took a selfie. He was so proud. The hypnotherapy has given him a new sense of confidence, not just with bridges. Thank you Amy.” J.H. (Taken from Google reviews.)

(Though it is important to understand that hypnobirthing can help you to have the best birth for you no matter what your birth outcome.)

“Dear Amy

Just a little not to let you know our baby boy arrived on 02/01/18 at 10.16am weighng 7.7lbs safely at home just as we had wished.

Labour started the previous day around tea time – aftermy second sweep which I had accepted and used my hypnobreathing up breathing during both sweeps and labour.

The breathing and visualisations worked amazingly throughout labour. Both Lee and I managed to stay calm and controlled. Lee was a brilliant birthing partner and put his practice into good use. We had a totally natural birth just as we had hoped for.

Thank you so much for our sessions, print outs, birth plans, information and reading recommendations all of which made Fred’s birth what it was.

Thank you again… ?

Lee & Amy”

“I went to see Amy after suffering with serious long-term sleeping issues. After four sessions I have found I am now getting, on average, between six and eight hours sleep. As well as hypnosis, Amy devised a sleep plan which involved several relaxation exercises and other techniques to help me wind-down. I have found even during waking hours, I am less stressed and more able to cope with daily life. Amy has a friendly, professional and caring approach and I would recommend her hypnotherapy for anyone who is suffering for sleep or stress related issues.” J.W.

” Thank you for your good wishes. I’m already benefiting from our sessions and determined to continue improving. For years I felt the need for hypnotherapy but had a complete misconception about it. I thought I would be asleep and therefore unaware of the suggestions being made to me. However at our introductory meeting you explained the procedure very clearly and I knew I would trust you.

As it turned out my mind was alert throughout all the sessions, I was in control of my thoughts and you just guided me while I altered my self beliefs.

I feel like a new person ready to face the challenges of my changing life. This morning I brought my BP down from 153 to 130 in 15 minutes following your relaxation instructions. I’m astounded.

Thank you for your kindness, understanding and encouragement.” M.R. (age: 70s)

“I just wanted to drop you an email to update you since my last appointment. I am pleased to say that the gambling is now completely under control and I now have money in the bank! I am actually looking to remortgage which isn’t something I could have even considered before coming to see you. I really can’t thank you enough and I have even recommended you to a couple of friends.” G.S.

“I had never experienced hypnosis before, but Amy is most professional and immediately puts you at ease. The whole sessions were calm and relaxed. Having arrived with my world in turmoil, then to feel an enormous weight had been lifted from me by the end, I will be forever grateful. Certainly to be recommended, my thanks always.” J.S.

“Thank you so much for yesterdays session. I have already noticed a difference!! I went to the supermarket that evening and felt so much more at ease also since the session whenever I have thought about doing an OCD action I’ve managed to tell myself not to every time. I also went to a pantomime today surrounded by family friends and for the first time I was comfortable and didn’t feel nervous or on edge. Coincidentally the song I mentioned I couldn’t listen to came on in the pantomime and its the first time I’ve not left and have actually listened to the song in about 10 years.” M.G.

“After nearly 50 years of ugly fingernails picked to the quick, in just one session Amy nailed it for me and completely broke the habit. I soon had respectable looking hands to go with my professional persona and I am delighted that a year on from the hypnotherapy I am still happily manicured!” Jane Ellison-Bates ( Name provided with consent.)

This is a voicemail testimonial. After 45 years of consistant, unconscious night time nail biting (nothing ever in the day) and using tape, and other methods, to unsuccessfully prevent habit, L.C. finally moved on.

“Since having my children I have tried most diets over the last 10 years and just could not stick to anything for a sustained period. Working with Amy helped me reframe my relationship with food. I felt liberated for the first time as I no longer had the internal argument of should I be good or bad around food- food seemed to become just a fuel for living and moved down the pecking order of what was important in my life. I lost 3 stones with Amy’s help.” G.B. (Taken from Google reviews.)

“For 20 years, just the thought of trying to fall asleep would make me anxious. But after just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Amy, I am now able to relax and feel confident that I will quickly sleep, even if I’m awoken in the night. I was sceptical at first, but it’s been a revelation.” E.E. (with 4 young children)

” Since Monday I have been taking & making endless phone calls and made my first client phone call in over 12 months to someone who X describes as our most difficult client! I can’t thank you enough, it’s the one thing that has been stopping me from being 100% happy and coming to see you has made that happen!” C.P.

“I would like to thank Amy for everything she has done working with me!! After working with other hypnotherapists, she has easily been the most unstanding and easiest to get on with! I would recommend her for any problems no matter how big or small! A breath of positive, contagious energy! Thank you.” T.B.

“Amy Brown of The Power of your Mind Hypnotherapy has done so much to help me in the sessions I had with her. I was afraid of water and wanted to learn to swim (I’m 63). Amy helped me to have confidence and I have now been swimming on holiday which is a huge step for me. In addition, Amy picked up on something bothering me during these sessions that I wasn’t even aware of. Her help and guidance has allowed me to move on with my life after a bereavement for which I will be eternally grateful.” S.A.

“Since having my children and with the pressures of every day life, I had become very anxious, to the point I felt I was not functioning effectively. After three sessions with Amy I now have the tools to tune out the anxiety and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I still worry from time to time but find it much easier to put things in perspective. Amy has a wonderful calming manner and her techniques are very effective. I can’t recommend The Power of your Mind highly enough.” A.G.

“Never considered this therapy before but felt immediately at ease in the peaceful atmosphere of Amy’s consulting room. Very empathetic, Amy helped me give the right amount of information so that she could discover the reason for my fear of driving. After only two sessions I felt more confident and able to drive home, and continue to improve enough to buy my own car shortly.” J.J.

“I would recommend Amy; she was very confident dealing with my issue and put me at ease. I am definitely trying more foods than I have ever tried before, I now feel I can try something new. It is like it has allowed the psychological block to come down. The sessions made me feel calm and left me with a positive feeling.” H.T.

“Having never had hypnosis before I was sceptical at first but would now recommend it to anyone. It has helped me immeasurably and Amy provided me with many techniques I can use to help me in everyday life. Amy puts you at ease straight away so that you immediately feel comfortable. I have really enjoyed this experience and have left feeling far more confident than I ever thought possible.” B.M.

“I have met with Amy for hypnotherapy to help with anxiety and a fear of giving presentations, which is going to be a requirement of my job. Before hypnotherapy I really did think these were problems that could not be resolved. The sessions were very relaxing and Amy made me feel very comfortable and listened to. The sessions have truly helped me to feel more at ease with myself and realise that my limiting beliefs (which I think included a fear of success) were holding me back, and it is possible to do anything I put my mind to.” A.H.

“I would highly recommend Amy to anyone as I had such a positive experience. Having struggled with a fear of flying for many years (and having tried many different types of treatment already) I was very interested to work with Amy and see if she was able to offer any techniques to overcome the anxiety and panic I feel on a flight. In fact, the sessions I did with Amy have actually hugely improved my levels of anxiety in everyday life. I found the whole experience to be hugely positive and the sessions have taught me how to manage stress and how to keep a clear mind when things becomes too chaotic – so a massive thank you! I also found the sessions very relaxing and restorative.” N.T.

“I want to say how much I have appreciated the help you have given me over the last few months. I definitely feel that the therapy you have given me has made me a stronger person, more able to deal with life’s anxieties. I was unsure of myself & doubted my capabilities. With your understanding of my circumstances I have become able to focus on the positives & not let the negativity get in the way. For this I will be ever grateful.” J.F.

“This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I found it invaluable. Amy takes time to really understand you and why you feel the way you do. After having children and not working for several years, I felt I no longer had the confidence in my abilities to approach potential clients for work. Amy used a combination of practical techniques and hypnosis with different tones of voice to help me re-build my self esteem and alleviate the anxiety I was experiencing. I now have a much more positive approach, feel much calmer and less intimidated. I can’t thank you enough Amy.” N.D.

“I came to see Amy for help with public speaking. I was planning to speak at a charity function I was organising, about a subject that was very emotional for me. As the event approached I found I was so worried about speaking that I was no longer looking forward to the big day. My time with Amy was hugely calming. After hypnosis I found that my confidence grew and grew and the dread I was feeling was completely eased. I really enjoyed giving the speech that night and received a standing ovation. I’m still smiling about it. Thank you so much Amy.” J.H.

“I see bees differently now, I know the meaning of why they sting people and they are more afraid of us than you are of them. I used to run away or go behind my mum if I saw a bee. Now I just let it get on with it’s work and keep on playing. It’s different because I know not to be scared of them and I feel normal when I see them.” G.D. ( aged 7)

“The sessions were really good I was very anxious before I came but you put me at ease with your calming voice and pleasant manner, after my sessions I learnt how to relax before bed as I was having problems sleeping all that is behind me now thanks to you.” P.G